WHY shouldn’t we feed ducks with bread?

Lots of people think that feeding ducks with bread in a park or at a pond is environmentally friendly and safe. But it is not. Bread is hazardous for ducks.

The fact is that bread is rich in carbohydrates, but devoid of other nutrients. Bread is analogous to fast food for birds. Such a diet is similar to the diet of a human who eats only candy and sugar. Too much bread can lead to serious health problems.

Consuming too much bread leads to obesity in birds. Bread will also prevent birds from consuming the nutrients they need. A nutrient-deficient diet weakens wings and causes birds to stop flying.

More healthy alternatives to bread are available among human foods. For example, ducks will happily eat grapes (cut in half so they don’t choke), barley, corn and rice. Farm stores also sell special food for ducks.

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