WHY is an amazing glass beach formed in the U.S.?

One interesting place is Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California, USA). What makes this place amazing is its unique beach. In the first half of the twentieth century, there was a landfill on the territory where this beach is located. Locals threw garbage on it – household waste, old appliances, cars, glass.

In 1967, the authorities closed the beach and cleaned it several times. The small pieces of broken glass and plastic were left lying on the beach in the warm California sunshine, washed by the surf and blown by the sea breezes.

Eventually, by the eighties, it was discovered that there was no trace of the landfill, and all the glass that had been on the beach had been transformed by the sea water into amazingly beautiful colorful translucent stones. Tourists began to come to this beach and the place became popular.

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