WHY do dishwashing sponges vary in color?

The abrasive part is always a tougher material that is used to remove limescale or burnt product residue.

The glued layer has different colors, indicating the properties of the abrasive.


It is assigned to the toughest materials. Therefore, the green color says that this sponge will help to cope with any dirt. But you should be more careful to clean dishes with it with enamel, so as not to damage it.


The red color scotchbrite is less stiff. It freely removes dirt and dried-on food residue, but is still inferior in “strength” to green. Your dishes are not in danger of scratches and marks from intensive friction.


This color is almost like a neutral color. That’s why it was chosen as the lightest abrasive color, which has a neutral effect on the surface to be cleaned. It can be safely used for washing glasses and glassware.

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