WHY do crab sticks have nothing to do with crabs?

The recipe for this snack originated in 1973 in Japan and hasn’t changed much since then. The need for crab sticks was born out of the fact that at some point the number of crabs, a terribly essential attribute of Japanese cuisine, began to dwindle rapidly.

Ingenious Japanese came up with a replacement. They took as the basis a dish called “Kamaboko” – for its cooking cod fish fillets are used – it is pure white color. These fish fillets are crushed, then ground, and in this way they obtain surimi meat. Potatoes, soy sauce, starch, egg powder and flavorings are added. Then the resulting mass is made into oblong sticks and evaporated to get rid of the fat.

Completing the process is the application of food coloring red or orange.

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