WHY did Picasso stoke the stove with his paintings?

In 1900, Picasso moves from Spain to Paris, where he spends time learning about the work of the Impressionists. During this period, his life was fraught with many hardships. The artist was so poor that at times he was forced to heat the stove with his own paintings instead of firewood.

The prospect of freezing from the cold seems to have been much worse for the artist than the sacrifice of his art. However, the prey was not in vain, since it is thanks to the difficult circumstances of life in the works of the painter there is a famous “blue period“. The palette of these paintings are characterized by blue shades. In the paintings of this period are clearly represented the images of poverty, sadness and melancholy, the themes of old age and death.

The painter depicted the beggar, the blind, alcoholics and prostitutes, trying to show the world human suffering.

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