WHY can’t trash catch fire in a passenger airplane lavatory?

If an unscrupulous passenger smokes a cigarette in the lavatory and throws the smoldering cigarette butt into the litter box, the tissues will ignite instantly. A fixed automatic fire extinguishing system can protect the aircraft from a fire that broke out in the toilet cabin. Its main element is a hermetically sealed fire extinguisher installed in the space under the sink.

The fire extinguisher is made of stainless steel and filled with freon under pressure. Drain tubes, sealed with a fusible substance, come out of it. Several of the tubes lead out into the space under the sink and some more into the garbage compartment. If there is a fire and the air heats to a critical point, the substance in the cylinder tubes will melt and leak out.

At the same second, freon will be ejected from the cylinder through the empty tubes, which effectively fights fires. The discharge time of the fire extinguisher is 7 to 17 seconds.

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