WHY are pistachios sold in their shells, unlike other nuts?

Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and walnuts-almost all nuts are sold peeled, or at least they are served without the shell. But pistachios are “shy” to go naked. We always buy them in the shell – and this despite the fact that they are already cooked: salted and roasted.

So why aren’t pistachios peeled by manufacturers? In short, because they don’t have to. When these nuts are ripe, their shells open on their own, allowing them to be salted and roasted without removing the kernel. Sometimes the pistachios do not open and then the crack is made industrially, with the help of a press. Although there is still a certain percentage of “rejects” (unopened nuts), in general, almost all finished pistachios have a slit that makes it easy to remove the shells.

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