WHY are foxes cunning?

The fox is indeed quite a sly animal – when it comes to saving its life or getting its food, it can outsmart many predators. Foxes have a keen sense of smell and great eyesight, and they’re smart and inquisitive. They know how to avoid poorly hidden traps, understand when a yard dog is leashed and when not. Foxes can tell hunters from unarmed humans and can go through yard scraps in broad daylight.

But the fox is not as cunning as it seems. Curiosity often serves her up, and she won’t be lazy to make a detour to get a closer look at an unfamiliar object or scent. It is the way you can lure a weasel into a trap – it is noticed that the fox is not indifferent to the smell of brine from herring and … lipstick.

Otherwise it is ready to surprise us with its habits. For example, her way of getting mice from under the snow is very interesting. When the fox hears where a mouse is scratching, she speeds up and throws herself upside down into the white blanket, like a diver.

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